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While looking for a pretty Coton, the customer gave us a special order, and the Coton boy and girl met their long-awaited family and are now living happily every day👍👍 Their appearance after going through baby fur grooming is so lovely🤣💕 i will miss them a lot🥹🥹 Thank you very much to the customer who sent us a valuable review🐶📸✨
I am always excited and looking forward to the moment our dog meets customers🥰🥰 Customers’ sincere and valuable reviews are always a great source of strength for us🔥💪
A customer living in LA sent us a Adorable review🎥✨🐶 Maltese girl Nora is living a happy life with her good family😍😍 She's over 5 months old, but she's got a very small physique👍 The news that our puppies are living a happy life with good families is always a great driving force for us to gain strength💝
Maltese girl Nora is living a happy life with her good family😍😍 She's over 5 months old, but she's got a very small physique👍
I recently purchased a puppy from Brightfaceteapups, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and they provided all the necessary information about my new furry friend. The puppy is healthy, well-socialized, and absolutely adorable! I highly recommend Brightfaceteapups for anyone looking to add a new furry member to their family.
Brightfaceteapups is a caring and responsible breeder. They clearly prioritize the well-being of their puppies, providing them with a loving environment and proper care. Our puppy came home healthy, with all necessary vaccinations and paperwork in order. We couldn't be happier with our choice of breeder.
We found our new best friend at Brightfaceteapups! The process of adopting our puppy was seamless, and the staff made us feel comfortable and informed throughout. Our puppy is playful, sweet, and everything we hoped for. Thanks to Brightfaceteapups, our family feels complete!
Our visit to Brightfaceteapups was fantastic from start to finish. The puppies were charming, and the staff was kind and accommodating. They allowed us to spend time with different puppies to help us find the right match for our home and lifestyle. Our puppy has been a joy, and we're grateful to Brightfaceteapups for their excellent service.
We are so grateful to Brightfaceteapups for bringing such a wonderful puppy into our lives. Our little one is playful, healthy, and has quickly become an essential part of our family. The entire adoption process was smooth, and the staff's dedication to their animals is evident. Thank you for making this experience so positive!
The staff at Brightfaceteapups were incredibly professional and knowledgeable about the different breeds they had available. They answered all our questions and helped us find the perfect puppy for our family. Our new puppy is settling in well and has brought so much joy into our lives.
The customer service at Brightfaceteapups was excellent. They were responsive to our inquiries and provided regular updates on the puppy's progress until we could take her home. The only reason for four stars instead of five is that the website could be more user-friendly. Overall, we're thrilled with our new furry friend.
I can't say enough about Brightfaceteapups' commitment to raising healthy and happy puppies. Our little guy is full of energy, affectionate, and has a great temperament. They provided us with all the necessary documents and information to ensure a smooth transition for our new pup. We're incredibly satisfied with our experience.
Brightfaceteapups offers a fantastic selection of breeds, which made it easy for us to find the perfect puppy for our family. The staff was helpful and guided us through the adoption process. Our new puppy is adjusting well to her new home, and we're thrilled to have her. Thank you, Brightfaceteapups!
Brightfaceteapups has some of the most beautiful puppies I've seen. The facilities were clean, and the pups seemed well-cared for. The only downside was the price, which I found to be on the higher side compared to other breeders. Nonetheless, we fell in love with our puppy, and she's been a delightful addition to our family.
Brightfaceteapups is a top-notch breeder with a strong commitment to the well-being of their puppies. The moment I walked in, I could tell they genuinely care about their animals. The puppy we brought home is healthy, happy, and obviously well-socialized. I'm grateful for the positive experience and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new furry companion.
We found our perfect puppy at Brightfaceteapups, and we are thrilled with our new addition. The process of adopting was smooth, and the staff was helpful throughout. The only reason for not giving five stars is that we had to wait a bit longer than expected to pick up our pup due to a scheduling mix-up. Nevertheless, the puppy is healthy, playful, and has already stolen our hearts
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